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What first attracted us to Cynefin was the chance to have our own 'nature reserve'.  As we have worked on rewilding the land back from years of abandonment we have been careful to keep lots of wild areas and enhance it for wildlife by adding bat, bird  and dormouse boxes, habitat piles, wildlife friendly meadows and wildlife corridors.  Badgers come regularly, digging for worms, and we have also seen an otter and more regularly foxes.  We made an exciting discovery in the long grass near the pond - a perfect harvest mouse ball nest.  Harvest mice are very under recorded in Carmarthenshire, neighbouring nature reserve Ffrwd Fen being one of their strongholds. 


A pair of buzzards nested in our woods last year and they regularly followed us whilst we were mowing looking for small mammals.   They successfully reared 2 young last year.  Red kites fly over often and we hope they will nest in one of our large oak trees one season.  Our bird nest boxes are usually occupied although spurned by a great tit which regularly nests in the gate post of the main gate or a pied wagtail which nests in one of our barn every year.  One year a wren nested in my brush cutter helmet even.  At dusk you may see or hear the barn owl and we have tawny owls nesting here.  In summer we have a good range of species of butterflies, moths and dragonflies in the meadows and around the pond and ditches. 


A grey heron and a pair of wild mallard used to visit our overgrown  pond.  We have a resource box , with books and charts, where you can identify your sightings.     


If you have a particular interest let us know.  Carmarthenshire has a wealth of different habitats and reserves you can visit, we will have information available on site.  One of us worked in conservation so we can easily arrange something particular or put you in touch with reserve or site managers if you want to see something specific.      

We hope you will come and  be as passionate about our wildlife as we are.



What to bring with you for wildlife watching

Don't forget your wellies or walking boots or just a pair of good strong shoes. You may also want to bring a camera,  plastic magnifying glass and binoculars if you have them.  A tarpaulin and some rope, if you have some, could be useful for a hide or den.  A good long beam torch.

Insect repellant cream or spray and long sleeved clothing  for after dusk in the woods is advised. 

A kneeling mat to sit on whilst you wait for them to turn up!


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