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What can you do on site ?

A  woodland trail through our woods begins  near your tent and there is also a right of way adjacent to Cynefin, on the site of an old carriage way, where you can walk to Ffrwd Fen National Nature Reserve on public footpaths and quiet lanes.  This can be quite muddy.  You can also walk out directly from your tent to pick up several heritage and countryside walks to the coast or over Pembrey Mountain  (more of a hill than a mountain!)

Camp fire cooking - we provide grills, campfire pans, recipes for damper bread etc. but bring your own marshmallows! We do sell some in the shop on site too.

Den building - an area of the woods will be set aside for the children to make their own dens.  We will provide some materials but adults must provide the supervision.

Have a treasure or mini beast hunt....

Wildlife tracking - bring some plasticene  and some plaster of Paris.

Conduct your own 'Summer Watch' - watch dragonflies and damselflies hatching on the pond or the nesting birds feeding their young.  Identify the butterflies and insects on the meadow. Set up a camera trap to catch the nocturnal activities of the wildlife (badgers, foxes, otter).  Take a twilight walk and listen for the tawny owls and barn owls calling.  Use the bat detector to hear bats hunting their prey.

Bring some outdoor games to play.........

Have a picnic in the woods.

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